Who are we?

Our IT experts have over 20+ years of experience in Medical Device, Software Validation and Verification, Software Testing, Project Management, SAP SD, FI, MM, PP, Customer Order Cycle, Domestic and International Logistics, and business application Architectural Design. They can operate in both Waterfall and Agile project environments.  As a growing company, we are a group of professionals that see the need to update old industry processes and old software systems in the regulated industries.  We believe regulation does improve the life of others. As regulation grows and becomes more complex we want to contribute by making the process more efficient and innovative. By improving these processes and systems we also improve the lives of others. Either be the life of the clients we serve, the life of consumers that benefit from the advance in medicine as well as the lives of our employees.

Moving Ahead

As a company we put a great effort into creating software applications and business solutions that are effective and lead to cost savings.  We offer simple solutions to complex processes.  By keeping it simple, we help clients integrate solutions that work in their already complex systems.  We provide solutions to our clients that work and in turn our clients provide a better end product or service to their customers.  See, everybody wins.


“By keeping is simple, we help clients integrate solutions that work in their already complex systems”


Looking forward, one of our long term goals for our company is to grow communities from within.  We conscientiously work with local US software developers, we secure our databases in local US HIPAA complaint centers and we contract with independent local contractors for additional products and services.  For the future, we hope to carry this approach as we grow our company to other parts of the USA and globally.  We plan to hire local professionals, contract with local companies for services and products, as much as possible.  At the end, we envision a future where we improve the lives of others.

Our compliance software applications are designed with the end-user in mind.  Employees will find our compliance applications to be effective and intuitive. ~Co-Founder

We take the complexity of a task and look at the multiple ways it can be done, then, we model a solution that is both comprehensive and effective during implementation. ~Co-Founder