5 Tips to Accelerate Your ERP Project

We help you accelerate your projects.  Check out this video from Tim “The Analyst” who will show you 5 steps to accelerate your ERP or software development project.

We have the knowledge and the right testing tool to help clients with Independent Software Testing.

We developed a powerful testing tool that allows us to thoroughly capture our clients testing requirements.   We can then perform from a long list of test types for our clients and provide final PDF reports on test results.

Capture all your testing activities

With our help you can now:

Capture all your testing requirements

Use templates to generate tests

Assign test lines to authorized users

Enter criteria for testing

Execute line-by-line testing

Enter evidence as needed

Provide your Quality personnel all noncompliant test lines for their review

Present Final report (PDF) as proof of test performed

Review analytics information to help you improve product or service

We can help clients with a long list of test types: Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ), Document Qualification (DQ), Unit, Integration, User Acceptance, Component Interface, Regression, Alpha, Beta, Destructive, Usability, Security, Risk Assessment, Checklist, Incoming Inspection and more. We can also add to this test type list to meet your testing needs.